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Frequently Asked Questions - My Meat Online.com.au

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This is where you put your preferred cutting and packing method. The more information you provide us the more we can assist.
  • Could you please bone out the leg of lamb.
  • Whole Rump to be sliced thin
  • Please pack mince in 500 gram lots.

What are the hours of trade?
SUNDAYS - Closed.
PICK UP - Mondays to Fridays 8am-6pm Saturdays 8am-1pm
DELIVERY - Monday to Fridays. 8am to 7pm. No weekend deliveries.

Storing My Meat? Why do we only have a 2 day Shelf Life.
Because our meat is cut fresh and we do not use any preservatives or gases to prolong the shelf life, meat will only last  2 days in the fridge while being left in our freezer bags that we have packed the meat in. These bags are designed for the freezer so you can get a maximum 2 Months shelf life. If you want to store your meat in the fridge, the best practise is to take the meat our of our bag and put the meat on a plate and then glad wrap it. This allows the meat to breath better and not sweat.  

Can I come to the store to pick my own meat out?
No as we currently don't have a retail facility, which means your meat will always be cut fresh.

When will my order be ready?
Your order will be ready on the next day that you place your order, or a preferred future date. We do need a day to plan your order so that it is cut and packed fresh to your requirements on the day of your pickup/delivery.
If I forget to pick my meat up?
If you forget to pick your meat up we will automatically put in our freezer so the product remains fresh. You may then pick up when ready.

How do I place an order?
There is a "SHOP NOW" button on our Facebook page that will direct you to our website or go directly to www.mymeatonline.com.au.

Do we have PayPal?
Yes we do and other card options.

Where do you deliver to?
Our factory is in Penrith and at this stage for a small fee of $10 we can deliver 15km from our factory. If you live further away please call our office on 4731 3300 or text details to 0450041967 or post on our facebook page My Meat Online. We might be able to find a solution.
We now have a delivery route from Blaxland through to Katoomba on Wednesday afternoons between 4pm and 7pm.