About Us


Welcome to My Meat Online and East Blaxland Butchery.

I am Scott Evans, the proud owner and qualified butcher, together with my family, we proudly operate these two businesses dedicated to providing you with the finest.

What began as a humble apprenticeship in the art of butchery has prospered into the fulfilment of a lifelong dream-owning East Blaxland Butchery!

Our family business took a delicious turn when I married my talented wife Teens, a seasoned culinary Chef. Together combining traditional butchery techniques with Teens knack for creating dishes that warm the heart and soul, our comfort meals are not just food they are experiences that evoke memories of home cooked goodness and moments shared around the table.

Together, we took an exciting step forward by acquiring My Meat Online, an endeavour that allows us to extend our commitment beyond our physical location.

Whether you're browsing our online selection at My Meat Online or visiting our beloved East Blaxland Butchery in person we are always delighted to serve you.

Join us in celebrating the art of butchery and commercial cookery to discover why our passion shines through in everything we provide. Thank you for being part of our story and choosing to take part in our community.

Scott & Teens Evans